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Lyon County

KAP -- 4-H record keeping

4-Hers keep track of project information and complete end of the year records through the Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP) applications. A KAP should be completed for each project of which the 4-Her enrolled each year. A complete and verified KAP may result in a 4-Her qualifying for a project pin, purchased by Lyon County 4-H Council, to be awarded at the Achievement Celebration hosted in late October annually.

Lyon County 4-Hers ages 14-18 must complete the senior state KAP form to be considered for the county champion award. The county champion KAP in each project area then qualifies for the Southeast Area KAP contest.

Age specific forms are also available for Intermediate (9-13) and juniors (7-8) 4-Hers. These KAPs are should be completed and turned in to Club Leaders who sign off on the Checklist For Excellence In a 4-H Project Achievement Award document to indicate if the 4-Her earned a project pin for his or her record keeping skills. 

Club Leaders are responsible for collecting KAPs from their club members and then compiling the KAP totals. You must communicate with your club leader and follow his or her deadlines for turning in KAPs to them to qualify for a pin(s). 


Locate age specific KAPs by visiting the Kansas 4-H website


4-H Membership Plans

4-H members also complete Membership Pins annually. These pins are different than project pins and recognize a 4-Her for overall 4-H involvement and growth.

If you are a new member, you will complete and sign the Membership Pin. If you have earned a pin in the past, please check out the 2016 Achievement Program to determine what pin you earn next.