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Lyon County

Nicole & Brady Krom - 607 S. Commercial 

Nicole and Brady have lived here for 30 years.  When the Kroms moved in, there were trees, a lilac, and peonies along the south side of the house. Roses were also there, but did not make it through the learning process.  Currently, there are very few months of the year where there is not something blooming.

The garden is ever evolving, and the latest focus is on pollinators, butterflies, and adding host plants and other natives.  Much of the yard is in transition but there are many things that will remain because Nicole cannot bear to give them up.  Most of the grass is a mish mash and they are happy to let the violets, clover and other pollinator favorites flourish as the Kroms avoid chemicals where possible.  A few years ago, the garden became registered as a Certified Monarch waystation. About the same time, feeding the birds started.

A bit unconventional the front garden (west) is mostly pathways or mulch wandering the gardens.  You can see many added natives and
pollinator plants as well as signs for education and inspiration. Small plant tags help show which plants host butterflies/moths and for how many species.  Being on a busy street, long ago Nicole and Brady put in Wisteria that was trained more like a tree to help block some of the
distractions as they sit in many of the options up front including the butterfly bench. Many of the elephant ear pots are here as a way to fight the vinca as Nicole works to put in more native bushes. In the spring they have a lovely square of creeping blue Phlox and a path of blue blooms on the chocolate chip ajuga. Behind the butterfly bench is a cattle panel arch that supports pasion vine. Milkweed of various varieties are spaced throughout the garden.

The back is a smaller section but has a variety of plants on either side of the walkway.  Wisteria to block the drive, Miss Kim Lilac, peonies, lilies, daylilies, balloon flowers, butterfly bushes, roses, and bulbs from snow crocuses to fall crocuses that are generally the first/latest bloomers.  It is amazing what one can fit into a small space. Even a small water pond with water hyacinth to provide drinks for the animal friends.

The south side of the house consists of several gardens.  Just south of the house is the small connected ponds, which creates a garden room
separated by a fence.  Here is colored elderberry, evergreens, lilies, hydrangea, native honeysuckle, and lots more. Beyond this area is the Tiki Bar that is framed by hibiscus, lilies, iris, daffodils and the garden that skirts the garage with succulents and elephant ears. The blue iris garden circles around the other side of the fence. 

In the middle of the yard is the remainder of the above ground pool garden that is also in transition.  Sunchokes were just added, and more daylilies will come out to add more natives.  Along the south fence are daylilies that give way to a newer area that is going to have native trees and bushes that are host plants or provide berries for humans and birds alike.  Please enjoy the whimsical signs and touches as you explore the Krom’s everchanging garden.

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