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The Extension Master Gardener Program

The National Extension Master Gardener Program was founded in 1972 by a County Horticulture Agent in Washington State. It was developed as a training tool for volunteers wanting to assist in the delivery of horticultural educational programs on a county wide basis. Today, the Extension Master Gardener Program is popular around the nation and has participants at more that 20 Universities.

In Kansas, Extension Master Gardener Volunteers donated over 95,000 hours during 2015 for a total value of over 2 million dollars.

What is the Extension Master Gardener Program?

The Extension Master Gardener Program is more than a horticulture class or gardening club. It is a volunteer program that enables participants to serve their communities through horticulture education. The knowledge and leadership skills developed by Master Gardeners through this program illustrate additional benefits.

Lyon County Extension Master Gardener Mission

The Lyon County Extension Master Gardener Association represents Kansas State University and the Lyon County Extension Council. Members will communicate research-based information to improve home and community environments and quality of life through horticultural activities.

Who Participates?

The Kansas Extension Master Gardener Program enjoys a diverse collection of participants. This organization effectively attracts people with a wide variety of skills who share a common interest in gardening. In addition to their horticultural abilities, Extension Master Gardener Volunteers also contribute to the program through their respective experiences as educators, technical specialists and professionals.

How can I participate?

Participation in the Kansas Extension Master Gardener Program begins with applying to the County, which you plan to participate in. Once accepted into a local Extension Master Gardener Program, participation begins with completing a 40 hour comprehensive basic training course in horticulture offered in early September through the beginning of December.

Following this course, each trainee is expected to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours of time to the local Extension program plus 5 hours of continuing education hours (advance training). Then, each year after, each member is expected to volunteer a minimum of 15 hours of time to the local Extension program plus 5 hours of continuing education hours (advance training)

What can I do with my knowledge?

Lyon County Extension Master Gardener Activities include:

  • Demonstration Gardens
  • Diagnostic Clinics
  • 4-H/Youth Horticultural Services
  • School Outreach
  • Speakers Bureaus
  • Zoo Edventure Day - Emporia's, David Traylor Zoo
  • Gardening Hotline
  • Grow Your Garden Series
  • Emporia Garden Tour

How do I get started?

You can call or email Travis Carmichael, Horticulture and Community Development Extension Agent at the Lyon County Extension Office at (620) 341-3220 or trcarmic@ksu.edu for more information about the Lyon County Master Gardener Program or to ask how you can get started.

Youth Education
School Enrichment

Teachers in Lyon County, Click Here!

Gardening Hotline

Every Tuesday
April - September

8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
PH: (620) 341-3220
Email: kstatelycoemg@gmail.com

2018 - 2019
Master Gardener Officers

Ann Mayo

Joan Young
Vice President/President Elect

Leisa Albers

Liz Voorhees
Past President

Carolyn Koch
Volunteer Coordinator

Lola Collinge

Margie Hayslett


Travis R. Carmichael
Horticulture and Community Development
County Extension Agent

K-State Research and Extension, Lyon County
2632 W. Hwy 50
Emporia, KS 66801
PH: (620) 341-3220
Fax: (620) 341-3228
Email: trcarmic@ksu.edu