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Lyon County

Lyon County Demonstration Garden

The K-State Research and Extension - Lyon County, Master Gardener Demonstration Garden was built in 1998 by Master Gardener volunteers with the help of many local businesses.  The garden consisted of beds made out of different materials to demonstrate various possibilities for constructing landscape or garden beds.  An elevated bed was established to allow accessibility for gardeners with physical impairments.

Like most gardens, this one had its challenges.  It was established in a drainage area and consequently stayed very wet.  Also, being on the
corner of the arena, livestock would occasionally walk through the gardens causing considerable damage.  In 2005, Master Gardener
volunteers made many improvements to the gardens.  A drainage area was created at the back of the gardens, a split rail fence was constructed around the perimeter, and soil was amended. Again in 2016 and 2017, Master Gardener volunteers made improvements to the gardens. New timber was added to existing beds to raise them up. New soil was also added to the beds to help improve the quality of the soil. A new arbor and demonstration garden sign holder was constructed by the husband of a Master Gardener to help give the gardens a defined entrance.

The gardens now serve as demonstration plots for K-State pepper trials, annual flower trials and ornamental grasses. Prairie Star annual flowers and Prairie Bloom perennial flowers were once tested in the demonstration gardens, but after the program was discontinued in 2017 other alternative trials were looked at. Many of the annual flowers in the demonstration plots this year have been donated by Ball Horticultural out of Chicago, IL. We are grateful for the willingness to support annual flower trial at different locations here in Kansas. 

In the Fall of 2023, the perennial beds on the eastside of the demonstration gardens were removed and a new landscaping area was defined. This new landscape bed will consist of recommended perennials, annual trial flowers, and two sitting areas. This is a work in progress and the Lyon County Extension Master Gardeners hope everyone will continue to visit to see the transformation of the demonstration gardens.

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