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Lyon County

Roy & Brandy Briggeman - 1016 Rural

The Briggeman residence has a series of garden spaces. In the front yard ther is a 12 X 12-foot boxwood parterre planted around a birdbath. Along the front of the residence are four flowerbeds; two that bloom with daffodils and tulips in early spring, another with summer-blooming perennials, and a final one containing decorative planters with Boston ferns and geraniums.

Walking through a wrought iron gate to enter the backyard one sees two ponds--a plant pond and a goldfish pond surrounded by yuccas.
Beyond the ponds is a mixed bed with clematis, coneflowers, and 4 o’clocks hemmed in by two althea bushes. Across from this area are shaded beds with hostas, peonies, lily of the valley and daylilies.

At the back of the property is 1,100 square feet of mixed perennials that provide color and interest throughout the year. Approaching this garden area, one sees beds of irises, cannas, daylilies and Asiatic lilies in front of a wrought iron fence with twining blackberry vines. Inside this fenced area are more irises, peonies, columbines, daisies, tickseed, bleeding heart, beard tongue, speedwell, yarrow, coneflowers, gladiolas, obedience plant, and milkweed. Interspersed with these flowering plants are
mullein, catmint, apple mint, rhubarb, horseradish and tomato plants.

Vegetable and herb beds are at the back of the garden. Hanging pots and plantings of colorful annuals plus a few touches of garden whimsy, including a 7-foot totem pole adds to the overall ambience of this large yard.  Finally, the property concludes with a “Zen” garden enclosed by bamboo stakes.