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Lyon County

4-H Clover Award 

The 4-H Clover Award is a cash scholarship award available to all Lyon County 4-Hers who exhibit in the Anderson Building in at least three different project areas. All age divisions are eligible to be considered. You simply need to nomintate your 4-Her if they are qualified for consideration.  Please review the information about this award. If you have additional questions, please call the Extension Office or come in for a visit. 

To nominate your 4-Her for the 4-H Clover Award, complete this Google Form

Each exhibitor will be evaluated for quality of entries, not necessarily quantity. It won’t be based on ribbon placing of each entry, but the individual evaluation of a judge whose specific job is to make this selection (similar to the herdsmanship award/selection process in the livestock barns).

A rubric will be developed for judges to score based on:

▪ Consistency in quality based on age expectation

▪ Age appropriateness (would a 4-Her that age be able to complete that work?)

▪ Originality of entries

▪ Educational value (does it show the community what 4-H youth learn in the project area)

▪ Diversity in entries (do the entries so the 4-Her worked in various project areas or tried drastically different techniques in a single department)

2024 Lyon County Fair


2024 Fair logo

The 2024 Lyon County Fair book is now available. An electronic version is available by clicking here and printed copies can be picked up at the Extension Office or at various businesses in town. Please be sure to check out all the project departments your 4-Her intends to exhibit in. It's important to pre-entry what your 4-Her plans to bring by the July 1 deadline, but please do not over enter. Judging schedules and number of judges is determined in part due to pre-entries, so please do not enter projects you will not complete for this year's fair. 

Pre-entry for the 2024 Lyon County Fair 4-H exhibits will open soon. To pre-enter in the 2024 Lyon County Fair, please click here. To use the FairEntry system, please click on the green sign-in button to use your 4-H Online username and password. Please do not create an account. FairEntry uses your 4-H Online information to enter in our fair.

Be sure to read your fair book carefully for class options and info and talk with your 4-Her about what they will be able to accomplish to exhibit at the Lyon County Fair. Please do not pre-enter them in every category just to be safe; make decisions and set goals and enter based on those intentions. But if you do not pre-enter before the July 1 deadline, your 4-Her will not be able to exhibit in that project area, so be sure to use the fair book to help make decisions and enter in all that your 4-Her wants to participate. The fair book has information based on what day departments are judged under each area. Please be sure to pay attention that we have spread out judging of some Anderson Building projects to maintain safter gatherings and give space and time for those judging. 

Foods and Nutrition baking tips

Check out these Tips for 4-H Baking to help 4-Hers prepare baked items for judging at the Lyon County Fair! The fair book, linked above, has a lot of good information regarding food entries as well. Don't forget to read the fair book for all fair information and project requirements.