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Lyon County

4-H Cloverbuds

4-H Cloverbuds

What Parents may want to know…

The overall purpose of the 4-H Cloverbuds program is to foster the development of life skills that are essential for the cognitive, social, emotional and physical maturation of 5 and 6-year-olds by providing a unique educational opportunity. 

Our welcome meeting for 2022/2023 will be Monday, October 8 at 6:00 p.m. at the Lyon County Extension Office. There will be hands-on fun and snacks for youth ages 5-6. An adult family member is required to stay with their Cloverbud during each hour-long monthly meeting, so please plan ahead. 

After the welcome meeting, Lyon County Cloverbuds will plan to meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Lyon County Extension Office located at 2632 W Hwy. 50 in Emporia.

Meetings for 2022/2023 should be Nov. 15, Dec. 20, Jan. 17, Feb. 21, March 21, April 18, May 16, June 20, and July 18. 

There is no cost to join 4-H Cloverbuds, but an online enrollment process is required to participate. The 4-H year and Cloverbud enrollment opens Oct. 1. Youth must be 5 or 6 at enrollment. For more information and the enrollment link, visit Enroll in 4-H. 


A Cloverbud meeting starts with youth getting to know and interact with one another followed by flag salutes, hands-on program and recreational activities and finishes up with snacks. It’s not a traditional 4-H meeting as it’s geared to the needs of 5 and 6 year olds, and all activities will be completed within an hour timeframe. Parents must attend meetings with their youth.

Goals for Kansas 4-H Cloverbuds

Self-understanding skills (Initiating independence and self-direction)

Social skills (Getting along with others)

Decision-making skills (Making positive choices)

Learning skills (Learning to learn)

Mastering physical skills (Enjoying constructive and creative play)


Principles for Kansas 4-H Cloverbuds

  • Fun
  • Activity focused
  • Noncompetitive
  • Group-centered learning
  • Leader directed
  • Positive
  • Success oriented