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Lyon County

Enroll in 4-H

The 4-H year begins October 1 and runs through September 31. The earlier you join 4-H the more opportunities you will have to enjoy all the program has to offer. We encourage a 4-Hers to be enrolled by November 1 annually, but you may join 4-H at any time. If you aren't familiar with 4-H clubs in Lyon County, please check out the 2018-2019 Club Brochure. You are encouraged to contact Club Leaders to learn about the club's next meeting and indicate your interest in 4-H. 

To enroll in Lyon County 4-H, visit the Kansas 4-H Online enrollment website. If you are a returning member, you will re-enroll with your login (your email address) and password created to access your account. If you have forgot your password but know what email you used to enroll, you may use the forgot password link to reset your password. New family members may be added to an existing family.

If you are a new member and new family to Lyon County 4-H, visit the Kansas 4-H Online enrollment webpage and create a family account and then enroll your youth.

Please be sure to access your online account to verify project enrollment before May 1. Lyon County has a requirement that 4-Hers are enrolled in 4-H and enrolled in the specific projects by May 1 to participate in that current year's fair. You many add or drop projects until May 1 annually. Enrolling in 4-H projects is not pre-entry into the 4-H divisions of the Lyon County Fair, but it is required that the 4-Her be enrolled in the projects they wish to enter at the Lyon County Fair by May 1 of that year. 

Beginning in 2017, there is a new $15 state 4-H program fee that is due upon enrollment. Please be prepared to provide credit card information or to mail a check directly to the State 4-H Office when you enroll your members. 

Returning Families: 

Here's a step-by-step guide for re-enrollment for returning 4-H members

New Families:

If you are a new family and new 4-Her, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the enrollment process.


If you are having any problems or want more help with Kansas 4-H Online, follow this link for additional information