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Lyon County

2017 4-H Club Day


Regional Club Day is scheduled for March 18, 2017, in Madison. Please check out the 2017 Regional 4-H Club Day Schedule to see when your 4-Her or fellow club members will be competing. Best of luck to all Lyon County 4-Hers!


Lyon County 4-H Day was Saturday, March 4, 2017, at Timmerman Elementary School in Emporia.

Check out the 2017 Lyon County 4-H Club Day Schedule to see what time(s) your 4-Her(s) and club members are presenting. 


Please check out the 4-H Club Day Guidelines for information about what categories are available and requirements.

Lyon County 4-Hers compete for top honors to then participate in Regional Club Day that is planned for Sat., March 18, in Madison. The Regional Club Day Guidelines breaks out what categories and how many participants can qualify. You do not have to participate in Regional Club Day if you qualify, but if you earn the right you will have the option to compete.